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Today, building sector is in the forefront of adopting and promoting green practices and technologies. This is going a long way in addressing ecological issues in a holistic manner. Stakeholders are warmly embracing sustainable building practices. There is a growing evidence that green buildings not only conserve resources but will also enhance the quality of life of the occupants.

The spotlight is therefore shifting to people and their wellness. Indian Green Building Council is working with several stakeholders such as state & central governments, NGOs, bilateral, multilateral agencies including WorldGBC in this mission. ...

Playing a catalytic role in spearheading the green building movement in the Country is IGBC, part of CII. Today, over 9.88 Billion sq.ft of green spaces in India are going the IGBC way. This has facilitated India become one of the top 3 Countries in the world in terms of largest registered green building footprint.

Many countries and establishments are working towards climate change crisis with a target to reach ‘Net Zero by 2050’. You will be glad to know that CII IGBC launched ‘Mission on Net Zero’, a journey to achieve Net Zero buildings by 2050 which would include Energy, Water, Waste & Carbon. As part of this mission, so far, more than 300 organisations from the Indian building sector have committed to achieve Net Zero status for their new & existing buildings. The vision is to facilitate ‘India to become one of the foremost countries in transforming to ‘Net Zero’ by 2050’. 

Encouraged by the overwhelming response to the green building movement in India, IGBC is hosting the 21st edition of its flagship event - Green Building Congress 2023 physically from 23 - 25 November 2023, Chennai Trade Centre (CTC), Chennai, India. The key objectives of the 21st Green Building Congress are to accelerate the adoption of Net Zero concept in India and provide a platform to discuss, share and showcase green products, materials & technologies and create new business opportunities in Net Zero space. Against the above backdrop, the theme for Green Building Congress 2023 is ‘Advancing Net Zero - Buildings & Built Environment’.


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Showcase your Corporate Brand, Products, Services and Technology at the 3-Day event.

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Exhibit your Green Building Products, Materials and Technologies at the Expo to generate valuable leads.


Connect with key decision makers through one-one meetings at the event

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GBC 2023 provides an opportunity to support and lead the Green Building Movement in India

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